After trying eating vegan for 10 weeks, my husband and I have decided to add back in some animal products and to re-evaluate our nourishment rules.
We will have a new focus for making food decisions - and some of these are not changes at all, just re-affirming goals:

  • Emphasis on vegetables (and fruit over other sugars)
  • Lower oil intake (of all types) 
  • Lower bread/gluten intake
  • Low processed food intake and looking for whole food ingredients, organic, non-GMO choices as much as possible
  • Lower sugar intake (of all types) and emphasis on natural types like fruit or honey when we do eat it
  • Low amounts of lean meats, eggs, and dairy *subject to change depending on how it is affecting our health

Lessons I have learned and habits I think are improvements from the life-style so far that I want to carry forward:
  • Vegetables taste good so eat up! (Expanding on this one: I feel like my tastebuds were damaged by all the chemicals and processed foods I was eating. Removing those a few years back changed my tastebuds so much. The past two months have changed them even more and I couldn't happier to like the taste of healthier food.)
  • Desserts (especially cookies and ice cream) every night are no longer tempting.
  • Healthy food doesn't take that much more time to prepare than unhealthy food once you get the hang of it and as long as you keep some options in the house.
  • Leftovers make good, healthy options for lunches at work.
  • Trying new recipes keeps things interesting and are worth the effort.
  • Support groups work. Thank you all for helping me so much with this effort.
  • Anything that moves my body and keeps me from being sedentary is essential to my health.
  • Water may still be difficult to consume, but being hydrated is essential to my health.


  1. Your health is the ultimate goal, so re-assessing what works for you, is a great attribute!
    Love you very much!

  2. I'm glad that you aren't feeling like you have to be rigid in your "rules", but that being healthy is the most important thing. What made you decide to add back in some animal products, and which ones are you going to experiment with?

    1. I got a little hormone-free cows milk mozzarella cheese for eating in small amounts and a couple of hormone-free chicken breasts. We decided to add it back it because David especially needs more calories in a denser form since he works so hard at the bakery.