Chaos that is Life

I haven't written in a few days. I have eaten vegan and had over 64 oz of water each day, but I have not done my full activity amount every day.

This week is full of 12 hour work days, traveling to Oregon and Washington, traveling back to Boise, traveling to California, and back. My mind is mentally exhausted already and it is all the strength I can muster to live out my food/drink obligations and be active when I can.

I am NOT quitting. I will not quit this time. I will, however, concede to my decision that I cannot blog every single day while I am this mentally exhausted.

I appreciate all your support and hope you will continue to support me through facebook and in the future when I am back to reporting in every day. I think this decision is a good one and so I am putting up my mini me.

1 comment:

  1. you have to have priorities, and eating right and drinking lots (esp. when traveling) is a great decision. I am confident that you will pick up where you left off on activity when you get back next week. Keep up the good work!!! Don't let yourself feel discouraged from mental and physical exhaustion...