Aug 20 - Daily

Yesterday we were bought lunch by Boise State and they had a vegan option. They weren't the best options that they could have chosen but at least I could stick to my plan and feel included in a treat/perk of my job that only comes once a year. I skipped the soda (even though it is vegan) because I am trying to only use sodas as treats and even then, buying sodas with more natural ingredients.

Also - I've ridden my bike to work 3/4 days this week. I am super proud of myself and it is getting easier and easier. Today I made it to work in 17 minutes because I pumped my legs a little extra to make a couple more green lights. I am aiming to shave it down to 15 minutes in the next year. We decided to not get a parking permit for me, choosing bus, bike, or walk as three viable options. There are hourly lots which I could use up to 17 times before it would have been cheaper to buy a permit. This week is my test run for whether I really think I can make this alternative transportation a reality and I think I can!


  • Coffee 
  • Bread
  • Banana
  • Vegan sandwich, peaches, vegan cookies, chips, pickle
  • Stirfry and rice left overs
  • Vegan hotdog on bread with mustard
WATER: 66 oz

  • 5 minutes walking Viola
  • 10 minutes walking around Boise State
  • 35 minutes heavy cleaning 
  • 45 minutes bike riding

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