Weekend and Week 4 Summary

So Friday I was good but didn't post on Saturday and Saturday I was good and didn't post on Sunday. Sunday I didn't drink the last 8 oz of water or do my activity. By about 1pm I was in pain from my period and by 5pm I was trying to get the motivation to go to the singing at church. I knew if I went to the singing, that would be my last activity for the day, so I chose the singing and instantly forgave myself for not being active yesterday. And, of course, once I was there, the singing was totally worth the effort.

Week 4 Summary:


  • Meeting with large groups of people on two separate days and making the effort in both cases to stick to my dietary rules no matter what tempted me.
  • Cooked most dinners last week which made it easier to stick to my rules and made David happy.
  • Got a binder with new vegan recipes from my Secret Sister and I am excited to try some of them.
  • Took the opportunity with the cooler weather one day to ride my bike to work and home again.
  • 28 days of vegan - almost a month!
  • No naps needed.

  • Not completing my Sunday mini-me.
  • Period pain and not sleeping well because of it.


  1. Weekends and get-togethers are real tests, sometimes. Good for you!

  2. Four whole weeks of vegan....that's great! I'm still kind of back and forth, and I always do better when you're there, since I know you'll be good, and I know you're watching.....here at our house, I'm kind of on my own, but that's okay, it's testing my character!! I'm actually feeling stronger each week that I stick to it better. I couldn't do it without lots of prayer.....or without you. You're my rock.