Through the Storm

July 11-14 was prep for vacation and our trip to Sun Valley.
July 14 was also prep for the Youth Summit games that I would be running and packing for California.
July 15-17 was a business trip to California.
July 18 was more prep for the Youth Summit games.
July 18-20 was running Youth Summit games and participating in the Youth Summit activities.

The storm has passed and here are the results:

  1. I didn't want to keep track of exercise/water on the vacation/business trip/youth summit. I focused on sticking to my vegan rules and focusing on not over-eating, not being slothful, and trying to drink water when possible.
  2. I got plenty of exercise from activities in Sun Valley, walking around airports, and running the Youth Summit games. I may or may not have averaged an hour a day, but I know I got a lot in during this period of time.
  3. I only accidentally had a little cheese on a dish the first day in Sun Valley. All other meals, to the best of my knowledge, followed the vegan rules. I also tried very hard to make good choices regarding sugar, chemicals, GMO, etc when possible.
  4. I lost 2 pounds in that period of time and I am very proud of that. I constantly battled my urge to eat extra food and unhealthy food while on "vacation." It helped that everyone around me was supporting my efforts. I didn't hear anyone complain about my eating choices being a burden on them which is something I generally fear.
  5. I am beginning work again today and I will be recording my water, food, and activities on a daily basis. Thanks for your support!
I will also count this post as my Week 3 Summary - I didn't post a Week 2 Summary.

I can't stand this quote, probably because while I was gaining weight and not focusing on giving it my all to stop it, I knew I was finding excuses. This quote challenges me, especially when I don't like it, so I am including it because it inspires me despite its annoyance.


  1. Great job getting through the 'storm'! Now you know you can handle anything as long as you're focused and mentally prepared to make good choices!
    Love and hugs,
    Mom Ross

  2. Great job. You did so much better than I would have in all those circumstances. Your strength and determination inspire me to renewed strength myself.