Are you putting it on?

I have been concerned with my weight and health for fourteen years. It has mainly not been a positive experience so far. Last year I started focusing on how my health in all aspects of my person are related to God and His word. I felt like I made great strides for the few months I gave it the needed focus and discipline, but I let it slip to the back-burner due to what I then considered boredom. I want to apply what I learned, continue learning, and applying it all to my overall health.

Why Write?
I have so many thoughts about health, wellness, fitness, etc. I have read so much about it. I have listened to others and experienced it for myself. I have gradually put on some good habits, and have continually struggled with some others. The point: I need to live it. Live it every single day. For me, daily accountability is the key to my success. Whether no one reads this blog or someone reads it, the possibility of it being read holds me accountable. It worked so well for three months last year and it was only a private blog! 

Another reason to write is that I am a teacher by profession and I love helping others. This blog may inspire someone and may help others on their journeys to living well. I know I am depending on God and my brethren to help me in this struggle, and I want others to know I will be there to encourage them right back.

Putting it On
My husband and I talk about how some people think their future selves will want to be stronger or make better choices than those their current selves are having trouble making. We both think that you have to make your present self act like the future self you want to emulate and that's the only way to make your future self strong.

Christians are to put on Christ, and I try to put Him on every single day so I grow to be more like Him. While I put off the old, hopefully including some dangerously unhealthy pounds, I want to put on the new self. I want to put on my new, future self until she feels like me. I know that this will never end. There will always be better things to put on, but I have to start somewhere. I'm putting it on and I hope you will help me.


  1. Great job on the blog! I don't always post when I read so you don't always know if I have been here...bwahahaha.

    1. That's ok! Any support helps, even a ghost looking over my shoulder.